Who we are

Leather ‘n Dust is the result of three friends who love leather and vintage old school style a wee bit too much. Our taste in leather accessories, ranging from jewelry to full on clothing, finally got the best of us, so here we are.

Trying to figure out what the perfect leather style would be, we noticed we had very different ideas. Yet, these different tastes blend perfectly with some awareness and intution. Thus, our three main collections were born: Rider, Explorer, and Master.

We sought out to create a catalog of products that could complete each other, creating rich outfits, fit for the city, the great outdoors and the long hard road to come…


What We Do

We roam the world and the internet looking for the finest and best looking original leather accessories and jewelry, bringing it all together for you, our loyal and enthusiast customers.

Whether you are looking for something to just look cool, something durable to explore the wilderness, or something to bring out your refined taste in beautiful things, you are sure to find it on Leather ‘n Dust.

We curate a fine selection, not just of leather products, but of a full range of accessories, jewelry and clothing for a complete look, from rugged explorer to bon vivant who appreciates the finer things in life.


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